In 2001, Maria's foot was crushed in a traffic accident. After a number of surgeries, her leg was amputated at the knee in 2008. Since then Maria has been in a wheelchair because of severe, chronic pain and sensory disturbances.

18 months ago Maria was enrolled in a trial with the purpose of reducing pain by sending electric impulses to the nerve at the end of the amputated leg causing the pain. The precise location was found by ultrasonography.

Today, Maria is free of pain, she can walk with a leg prosthesis and she is the mother of a 1-year-old son.

Maria is a good example of how chronic nerve pain caused by accidents, amputations and surgery is difficult to treat.

Often morphine is used to treat the pain but it leads to addiction, does not reduce pain adequately and has many side effects.

Competent doctors from neurosurgery and anaestesiology have formed a Neuro-modulation Team where they use a so-called neuromodulation technique to send electric impulses to the nerves.

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