The italian professor, Venerino Poletti, is working long hours when he's in Aarhus, but in the evening he enjoys going out (photo: Michael Harder).

Venerino Poletti, italian expert in pulmonary diseases, has helped Aarhus University Hospital to introduce cryobiopsies.

One week every month, Venerino Poletti travels from Italy to Aarhus. He is a clinical professor in pulmonary medicine at Aarhus University Hospital and internationally acknowledged for his research. In Italy, he is Head of Department of Diseases of the Thorax at Ospedale G. B. Morgangni in Forli in northern Italy.

Cryobiopsies are less invasive
Professor Poletti has improved the treatment of patients with lung diseases at Aarhus University Hospital. Among other things, he has introduced the socalled cryobiopsy, which is a less invasive procedure taking a tissue sample from the lungs without the patient having to undergo surgery. This procedure has improved the diagnostics at Aarhus University Hospital i.a. among patients with pulmonary fibrosis. This means that more patients survive and have a better quality of life.

Thorascopies are next
Next, Venerino Poletti will participate in the introduction of medical thorascopy. This is an examination of the lungs through a small incision made at the side of the thorax. Biopsies can be taken, it can be tested if there is any infection or occurence of metastases. At Department of Respiratory Diseases and Allergy they plan to start using medical thorascopy within the next couple of months.

Experts contributes to progress
Other departments at Aarhus University Hospital collaborate with international experts like Venerino Poletti visiting Aarhus for a short or longer period of time. Often these experts contribute to drive the progress that makes a difference to the patients.

Poletti loves Aarhus
Professor Poletti usually has long work days when he is at Aarhus University Hospital but when he is off work he loves to go out in Aarhus. He is also very fond of the Danish mentality.
- Danes are very kind. They treat each other with respect and follow the rules and I really like that, says Venerino Poletti.