AarhusUniversityHospital founded the European Healthcare Facilities Advisory Board (HFAB) together with Healthcare Plastic Recycling Council (HPRC) at a workshop in Aarhus 24-25 April.

The issues was well debated at the workshop. Photo: Jannie Lindberg Sundgaard


The HFAB will function as an advisory body to the industry, and help the industry to:

  • Understand the plastic recycling barriers that exist within healthcare facilities today
  • Establish priorities for technical agenda
  • Develop solutions through access to data, information and resources

“At AUH we believe that by working with all the stakeholders in the valuechain for healthcare plastic packaging we can achieve better results and impact through scale much more efficiently. Therefore we have taken the step together with HPRC to found the Health Care Advisory Body today,"  says CE Project Manager at AUH, Susanne Backer.

"Together with HPRC we will in the coming months invite other hospitals to join the Advisory Body. Our first focus will be the Nordic Countries, but we of course also want and need to involve hospitals across Europe  in order to achieve scale. In the US the HPRC have for many years also had an Advisory Body, and the European Healthcare Facilities Advisory Body to the industry, will build on the experience from the US and adjust the work to the European context."

Read more about the HPRC

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