The stem cell treatment at Aarhus University Hospital is first class. The hospital is now accredited by JACIE – the international accreditation organisation for stem cell transplantation.

Aarhus University Hospital has just obtained the international accreditation by JACIE, a joint American-European organisation working to promote quality of stem cell transplantation therapy.

Quality from donor to patient
At Aarhus University Hospital, patients with e.g. leukaemia receive a stem cell transplantation – also called a bone marrow transplantation – as a part of their treatment. In stem cell transplantation it is important to maintain a high quality in all steps of the processes – both concerning donors of stem cells, during the transplantation and finally concerning the patients.

A JACIE accreditation requires documented high quality in all steps of the processes.

First hospital in Denmark
Aarhus University Hospital is the first hospital to obtain the JACIE accreditation.

- This accreditation certifies that we do well at Aarhus University Hospital. Our quality is high and we are in control of all working procedures and have a good collaboration with all the departments involved in stem cell treatment, says Betina Samuelsen Sørensen, consultant at Department of Clinical Immunology at Aarhus University Hospital.

- International exchange of stem cells is common. This accreditation probably means that it will be easier for us to get stem cells from abroad.

At Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Clinical Immunology is responsible for the contact to donors and the quality of the stem cells. Treatment with stem cells takes place at Department of Haematology which treats patients with cancer of the blood or lymph system.

Independent centre for transplantation
From March 1 2017, Department of Hematology has been approved by the Danish Health Authority as an independent centre for allogeneic stem cell transplantation from a sibling or a donor from a registry.

- The international JACIE accreditation and the approval by the Danish Health Authority means that we will take two steps up. This will benefit patients in the western part of Denmark who need an allogeneic stem cell transplantation, says Jan Maxwell Nørgaard, Head Consultant at Department of Haematology.


Further information:

Betina Samuelsen Sørensen, Consultant, Department of Clinical Immunology, Aarhus University Hospital, Tel.:+45 78 45 50 06, e-mail: betina.sorensen@skejby.rm.dk

Jan Maxwell Nørgaard, Head Consultant, Department of Haematology, Aarhus University Hospital, Tel.: +45 78 46 78 59/mobile:  25 11 95 96, e-mail: jannorga@rm.dk

Bendt Nielsen, Consultant, Head of stem cell transplantation unit, Department of Hematology, Aarhus University Hospital, e-mail: bendt.nielsen@aarhus.rm.dk