Poul Blaabjerg, chief executive officer, was interviewed by the French television crew (photo: Cecilie Guldberg).

The French TV channel, France 2, portrays Aarhus University Hospital as a role model for a future reform of the French hospitals.

A small television crew from the French national television channel France 2 has just visited Aarhus University Hospital as a build-up to the official visit of the French President Emmanuel Macron in Denmark this autumn.

In July, France will have a new hospital reform. The health journalist Frédérique Prabonnaud found it interesting to make a feature story from Aarhus University Hospital with focus on the hospital’s capacity within IT and data management.

-We would like to show how the Danish model could be an inspiration. In France, we have not been successful in digitalising patient data in the same way as in Denmark, says Frédérique Prabonnaud.

It was not just a coincidence that the television crew wished to visit Aarhus University Hospital.

-We wished to see the new Danish super hospital and we wanted to show the French the most advanced hospital in Denmark, she says.  

The French television crew visited the new helipad at Aarhus University Hospital (proto: Cecilie Guldberg).

Tour around the new hospital
The visit started with an interview with Ole Thomsen, Head of Corporate Management in Central Denmark Region and Poul Blaabjerg, Chief Executive Officer at Aarhus University Hospital. After this, the crew visited the helipad in the northern part of the hospital. After this, the crew talked to Jacob Thorsted Sørensen, Consultant at Department of Cardiology about telemedicine and performing ECG measurements in ambulances and helicopters before arrival to the hospital. They also saw a demonstration of this in one of the ambulances.

The television crew also visited the laboratory with 24-hour services, the emergency room as well as the facilities for logistics. They were very impressed with the high technological level of the hospital but also witnessed more low-tech solutions such as the many bikes and scooters staff use for transportation inside the hospital.

The programme made by the television crew from France 2 will be broadcasted to about six million French viewers within the next couple of weeks.