Patients and staff will have better conditions at the new acute facilities at Aarhus University Hospital (photo: Tonny Foghmar, Aarhus University Hospital).

Today, treatment of acute patients is already in excellent shape at Aarhus University Hospital. However, patients and staff will experience major improvements when the hospital on Tuesday the 29 May at 10 am welcomes the first acute patients in new facilities at Aarhus University Hospital.

-It is a really big event that we now open Denmark’s first and largest emergency department, which is designed to give acute patients the best framework for coherent treatment, says Chairman of the Regional Council in Central Denmark Region Anders Kühnau.

The new facilities include an emergency room, a bed ward for children and adults, emergency doctor services, a trauma centre, a CT scanner and a helipad. In this way, all of the important facilities are close to the patient. The goal is to gather acute patients and professional experts under one roof, enabling staff to work closely together across professions and specialities.

-It has been an increasing challenge for staff to offer optimal treatment in the outdated hospital facilities. Now we are looking forward to gathering more experts around the patient and expanding the collaboration to include even more specialities when we move together under one roof, says Inge Pia Christensen, Chief Nursing Officer at Aarhus University Hospital.


3000 employees will change workplace

Before the emergency room and the emergency doctor services can receive the first patient, almost 300 employees will be relocated from their previous workplaces at other parts of the old hospital.

Moreover, addresses as well as signs on motorways and streets must be changed to direct patients to the right location at Aarhus University Hospital.

The relocation of acute facilities is part of a larger relocation at Aarhus University Hospital where many of the departments treating acute patients move together under one roof. The remaining departments will move during September 2018 and March 2019.

It has been necessary to rebuild the ventilation systems for the new operation rooms to ensure clean air and minimise the risk of postsurgical infections. The new operation rooms which will now be used for major surgical procedures comply with all formal requirements and it is continuously ensured that they live up to the hospital’s strict demands to the so-called ultraclean type 4 rooms.



The emergency room and the emergency doctor services move on 29 May at 10 am.

The new address is:

Aarhus University Hospital

Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 161

Entrance J3

Map and directions at http://bit.ly/AUHakutmodtagelse



Anders Kühnau, Chairman of Regional Council, Central Denmark Region, Tel.: +45 23 60 27 68, kuhnau@rr.rm.dk

Inge Pia Christensen, Chief Nursing Officer, Aarhus University Hospital, Tel.: +45 7845 0502 or +45 3092 2404, inge.pia.christensen@rm.dk