Aarhus University Hospital is today appointed Denmark’s best hospital by the independent specialist newspaper of healthcare sector news ”Dagens Medicin”. The hospital wins by combining professionalism at the highest level and a strong collaboration across staff groups.

For the twelfth year running, Aarhus University Hospital is appointed Denmark’s best hospital. Today, the specialist newspaper ”Dagens Medicin” appoints Aarhus University Hospital as the best in their competition to become Denmark’s best hospital.

Aarhus University Hospital has won in the category of university hospitals, comprising the largest hospitals in Denmark. In this category, Aarhus University Hospital is number 1, Odense University Hospital is number 2, Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen is number 3 and Aalborg University Hospital comes in as number 4.


Congratulations to Aarhus University Hospital

Chairman of the Regional Council in Central Denmark Region, Anders Kühnau, is impressed that Aarhus University Hospital can hang on to its leading position.

- It is very important to patients and relatives that the hospital maintains and develops it high professional standards. I am impressed by the many employees who make a huge effort every day, says Anders Kühnau.


A victory for patients and staff

Poul Blaabjerg, CEO at Aarhus University Hospital is happy that the hospital has been able to be maintain its leading position and the high level of quality in patient treatment.

- This is first of all good for the patients. It shows the high professional level among the staff, who are dedicated to be responsible for maintaining the quality of treatment for our patients, says Poul Blaabjerg.

He tells that 2019 has been a challenging year for the hospital with financial challenges, reorganisation and relocation to the new hospital facilities.

- But we have managed the relocation into new hospital facilities without compromising our high professional standards. In this process, the collaboration between our highly competent staff and leaders has been an important feature – and professionalism and collaboration will be important indicators in our efforts to develop the hospital in the future.


Quality of treatment is important

Aarhus University Hospital is number 1 in seven of 64 treatments and examinations which are part of the competition. Moreover, the hospital has achieved a number of second and third places.

”Dagens Medicin” has analysed all accessible national data on quality of treatment at the Danish hospitals. Data from a Danish national survey on patient experiences are also included. In this survey, patients from all over Denmark have been asked to report how satisfied they were with their hospital visit.

The most important aspect when deciding about the best hospital in Denmark, is quality of treatment; this is weighted with 90% while patient satisfaction is weighted with 10%.

Aarhus University Hospital is number 1 in the category of large hospitals – both concerning quality of treatment and patient satisfaction.


Best in seven areas of treatment

Aarhus University Hospital is number 1 in the following seven areas of treatment:

  • Spinal arthritis
  • Geriatric treatment (treatment of diseases among the elderly)
  • PCI (treatment to repair narrowing of the coronary arteries of the heart – e.g. angioplasty)
  • Carotid thromboendarterectomy (treatment of transient brain thrombosis)
  • Lung cancer (surgical treatment)
  • Chronic myeloid diseases (chronic bone marrow diseases)
  • Kidney cancer (surgical treatment)