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The Department of Geriatrics is one of this year's winning treatments (treatment of diseases in the elderly). Photo: Tonny Foghmar

Aarhus University Hospital is appointed Denmark’s best hospital 2021 by the independent specialist newspaper of healthcare sector news ”Dagens Medicin”. The hospital wins due to a combination of a high professional level, strong collaborative skills and focus on the individual patient.

For the past 12 years and again this year, Aarhus University Hospital is appointed Denmark’s best hospital. Today, the specialist newspaper ”Dagens Medicin” appoints Aarhus University Hospital as the best in their competition to become Denmark’s best hospital.

Aarhus University Hospital has won in the category of university hospitals comprising the largest hospitals in Denmark. In this category, Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) came in as number 1, Odense University Hospital as number 2, Aalborg University Hospital as number 3 and Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen as number 4.

Chairman of the Regional Council congratulates the hospital

Anders Kühnau, Chairman of the Regional Council in Central Denmark Region is impressed that AUH can maintain its strong leading position.

- It is very important for both patients and relatives that the hospital maintains and develops its high professional level. I am impressed by the many employees who put in a huge effort every day. The appointment just underlines what we already know – that AUH is a world-class university hospital, says Anders Kühnau, Chairman of the Regional Council.

High quality and patient satisfaction

The hospital management at AUH is particularly proud that the hospital has been able to maintain its position as Denmark’s best hospital. It testifies to the high quality in patient treatment and the high score in patient satisfaction, which the hospital has been known for over the years.

- First of all, this is good for our patients. It shows that our staff are professionally competent, incredibly dedicated, excellent at collaborating on the patient pathways and working hard and focused every day to maintain the high quality in the patient treatment, says Poul Blaabjerg, CEO.

- The appointment underlines that our staff have a certain AUH DNA. We saw that again recently when we successfully and in close collaboration managed to reorganise the hospital capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, says Poul Blaabjerg.

Treatment quality is the most important

AUH is number 1 in 10 of the 57 treatments and examinations which are part of the competition. AUH has thus received the highest number of first places compared with other Danish hospitals. AUH received 10 second places and 7 third places.

”Dagens Medicin” has analysed all accessible national data from the past years concerning quality of treatment at the hospitals in Denmark. Data from a Danish national survey on patient experiences are also included. In this survey, patients from all over Denmark have been asked to report how satisfied they were with their hospital visit.

The most important aspect when deciding about the best hospital in Denmark, is quality of treatment; this is weighted with 90% while patient satisfaction is weighted with 10%.

Best in 10 treatment areas

AUH is number 1 in the following 10 treatment areas:

  • Paediatric diabetes (treatment of diabetes in children)
  • Geriatric treatment (treatment of diseases in the elderly)
  • PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: treatment to remove narrowing of the coronary arteries such as angioplasty)
  • CAG (coronary angiography: Examination of the coronary arteries)
  • Hip alloplastic (surgical replacement with an artificial hip joint)
  • Sarcoma (cancer in bones, muscle and connective tissue, surgical treatment)
  • Cervix cancer (surgical treatment)
  • Lung cancer (surgical treatment)
  • Renal cancer (surgical treatment)
  • Liver and gall bladder cancer (surgical treatment)

Further information

  • Poul Blaabjerg, CEO, Aarhus University Hospital, Tel.: +45 5131 3506
  • Anders Kühnau, Chairman of Regional Council, Central Denmark Region, Tel.: +45 2360 2768
  • Pernille Tine Jensen, Professor and Consultant, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, AUH, Tel.: +45 2095 2061 (cervix cancer)
  • Troels Thim, Consultant, Department of Cardiology, AUH, Tel.: +45 2336 2355 (PCI/CAG)
  • Cathrine Hauerslev Foss, Head Consultant, Department of Geriatrics, AUH, Tel.: +45 29120534 (geriatrics)