Aarhus University Hospital is appointed Denmark’s best hospital for the fifteenth time.

Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) is Denmark’s best hospital according to the independent specialist newspaper of healthcare sector news ”Dagens Medicin”. Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen was appointed Denmark’s best hospital in 2022, but now the prestigious title is back at AUH, which has had the title 14 times from 2008 to 2021.

Aarhus University Hospital is appointed Denmark’s best hospital for the fifteenth time by “Dagens Medicin”. The hospital has won the category of university hospitals comprising the largest hospitals in Denmark. The overall patient satisfaction as well as being the best hospital in the cardio-vascular area partly explains the appointment. Moreover, AUH is number one in 16 different treatment areas.

Congratulations to AUH

Anders Kühnau, Chairman of the Regional Council in Central Denmark Region is impressed by AUH’s appointment as Denmark’s best hospital.

- The hospital employees strive to do what is best for patients and relatives every day. In the current situation with many challenges in the healthcare system, I am pleased that AUH has a very high quality in treatment. I have a lot of respect for this, and I would like to congratulate the hospital, says Anders Kühnau.

A victory for the interdisciplinary approach

Poul Blaabjerg, CEO at AUH is pleased that AUH has reclaimed the title as Denmark’s best hospital.

- Our task is high quality diagnostics and treatment of patients and to ensure that patients and relatives experience that we can deliver this 24-7. The appointment again as Denmark’s best hospital reflects our high level of quality – both in Denmark but also in our new membership of the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) as the only Danish hospital, says Poul Blaabjerg and continues:

- We owe the title very much to our staff – our highly competent professionals. They have been able to maintain a high level of professionalism and strong collaboration, which is a distinctive feature of AUH in a time with a huge pressure of the healthcare system.

Quality of treatment is most important

AUH is number one in 16 of the approximately 70 treatments and examinations included in the competition. Moreover, the hospital is number two and three in several areas. In the cardio-vascular area, AUH is also number one.

“Dagens Medicin” has analysed all available national data of quality of treatment at Danish hospitals. Data on patient satisfaction is also included from a national survey among patients admitted to Danish hospitals. AUH shares the appointment as number one with Regional Hospital Central Jutland.

The overall quality of treatment decides who is appointed Denmark’s best hospital; quality of treatment is weighted with 90% and patient satisfaction with 10%.

AUH is number one in the category of large hospitals – both in terms of quality of treatment and patient satisfaction.

Number one in 16 treatment areas

AUH is number one in:


  • Carotid trombendarterectomy
  • Bypass
  • Cancer of the brain
  • Lung cancer (shared with Rigshospitalet)
  • Malignant melanoma (shared with Vejle Hospital and Aalborg University Hospital)
  • Pancreas cancer (shared with Odense University Hospital and Rigshospitalet)
  • Cervix cancer
  • Chronic myeloid diseases (shared with Herlev Hospital)
  • Myelodysplastic syndromes (shared with Rigshospitalet)
  • Myelomatosis
  • Cancer of oesophagus and stomach
  • Stroke
  • Brain haemorrhage  
  • Childbirth (shared with Regional Hospital Wests Jutland and Thisted Hospital)
  • Early pregnancy
  • Kidney transplantation