There is increasing focus on the acute care patient. Collaborative and inter-professional research efforts focused on this vulnerable group of patients is urgently needed to meet future healthcare challenges.

This research programme "The acute patient" was established at Aarhus University Hospital in 2012 as one of four programmes developed to strengthen research activities for healthcare professionals with a medium-cycle higher education (approx. 3.5-year programmes) .

The acute patient differs in many ways from other patient groups and patient pathways such as :
  • sudden occurrence of a (critical) condition
  • narrow time-limit from symptom debut to outcome
  • sparse information about the patient (additional comorbidity, treatment etc.)
  • medical treatment (often) goes ahead of patient-centered care
  • frequent transfers within short time
  • increased risk of adverse events

The aim of this research programme is to develop, integrate and implement knowledge that will lead to evidence-based care, treatment, and rehabiltation as well as prevention strategies for the acute care patient. This could be research related to the pre-acute phase as well as research within the acute or post-acute phase. The programme mainly focuses on interventional research, innovative research or development of new methods that could lead to improved survival, mobility, patient experience, quality of life and safety for the acute care patient.

The programme is closely linked to Research Centre for Emergency Medicine and act as an independent network in this centre.

We welcome researchers interested in “the acute care patients” to contact us for further information about the programme.


Marianne Lisby
Postdoc, PhD., MHSc, RN
Centre of Emergency Medicine Research
Aarhus University Hospital
Department of Cinical Medicine,
Aarhus University

Cell phone: +45 6126 4949