Geert van Rijt and his research colleagues doing pig experiments at the research lab at Institute of Clinical Medicine, located at Aarhus University Hospital (photo: Tonny Foghmar)

Geert van Rijt, Department of Renal Medicine:

”I am only able to perform my research experiments at Aarhus University Hospital”.

The 25-year-old Dutchman Geert van Rijt came to Aarhus as a part of his MD/PhD-programme to do groundbreaking research in kidney transplantation.

- We try to inject alpha-melanocyt stimulating hormone (MSH) into pigs undergoing kidney transplantation. We hope this will make the transplanted kidney work faster and better, says Geert van Rijt.

No other researchers have studied if the MSH can be used in connection with organ transplan-tation. But at Aarhus University Hospital, they have developed a pig model where brain death is induced during sedation which makes it possible to study the use of MSH in organ tranplan-tation.

- If the results are positive, we hope they can be transferred to human beings. MSH could be injected in patients in connection with kidney transplantation to make the new kidney work faster and better.

Geert van Rijt is from Groningen University, which is one of the international collaborators of the Department of Renal Medicine at Aarhus University Hospital. He is going to stay in Aarhus for three months to perform kidney transplantations in pigs.

- Aarhus is a nice place. It is easy to communicate in English and there is a lot going on in the city.