CONNECT offers expertise and advice to clinicians and researchers on the use of health data and genomic data in personalized medicine research.


CONNECT is Central Denmark Region’s research support unit promoting the use of personalized medicine. We offer expertise and advice to clinicians and researchers on the use of health data and genomic data in personalized medicine research.


Purpose and background

CONNECT was established in 2020 as part of the Danish national strategy on personalized medicine.

This strategy aims to promote the use of personalized medicine in clinical practice; ultimately to improve disease treatment and prevention to the benefit of the individual patient.

A central element of the national strategy is the establishment of regional units facilitating access to health data. These units represent the first step towards a nationwide infrastructure on personalized medicine.

Target groups

CONNECT offers research consultations to the following groups of professionals:

• Employees in Central Denmark Region
• Employees at Aarhus University
• Health professionals with collective agreement/provider number in Central Denmark Region

In addition, CONNECT is able to facilitate collaborations with external partners, e.g., other Danish regions and universities as well as private companies and organizations.


CONNECT is a cross-organisational and interdisciplinary collaboration between Central Denmark Region, Aarhus University Hospital, and Aarhus University.

CONNECT is organised as a network structure bringing together specialists from Department of Clinical EpidemiologyDepartment of Molecular Medicine, and Department of Clinical Genetics, Aarhus University Hospital.

Christian Fynbo Christiansen, professor and consultant at Department of Clinical Epidemiology, is the daily manager of CONNECT.

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Our Team

Design uden navn (22).png

Christian Fynbo Christiansen
Daily manager of CONNECT
Professor, consultant
Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology


Frank Mehnert
Daily manager, Biostatistics
Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology

Louise Bruun Thingholm
Dept. of Molecular Medicine

Matilde Slot
Scientific assistant
Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology

Mette Kielsholm Thomsen
Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology

Sascha Vittrup Rasmussen
Secretary, CONNECT
Tel. +45 8716 8115

Steering Committee

Michael portræt.png

Michael Braüner Schmidt
Chief Medical Officer
Aarhus University Hospital

Jørgen Frøkiær
Head of Department, chair
Dept. of Clinical Medicine, AU

Lone Winther Jensen
Chief Medical Officer
Randers Regional Hospital

Henrik Toft Sørensen
Professor chair, consultant
Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology

Mette Nørgaard
Professor, chief physician
Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology

Ole Halfdan Larsen
Chief physician, clinical associate professor
Dept. of Molecular Medicine

Sara Markholdt
Acting chief physician
Dept. of Clinical Genetics

Uffe Birk Jensen
Chair professor, consultant
Dept. of Clinical Genetics

Lars Dyrskjøt Andersen
Coordinating professor
Dept. of Molecular Medicine

Anders Børglum
Dept. of Biomedicine, AU

Torben Steiniche
Clinical professor, chair
Pathology, AUH

Torben Ørntoft
Professor, advisor




Secretary: +45 8716 8115


Olof Palmes Allé 43-45
DK-8200 Aarhus N

How to book an appointment

  1. Send a short decription of your project and the kind of help you need to
  2. We will set up an initial meeting with one of our specialists

If you are a PhD student, we kindly ask that your supervisor also takes part in the meeting.