Department Profile


The Department of Clinical Immunology specialises in diseases of the immune system, transplantation immunology, transfusion medicine and blood banking. Danish Stem Cell Donors - West is part of the department and ScandiaTransplant, the registry and waiting list for all organ transplantations in Scandinavia, is hosted by the department.

The blood bank and transfusion service offer specialised blood components, specialised analyses and specialist medical advice.

The tissue typing laboratory is accredited by the European Federation of Immunology and performs tissue typing in relation to stem cell and organ transplantation. State-of-the-art technologies are employed for the prevention and diagnosis of transplant rejection. The department has a close cooperation with transplant physicians and offers supervision on a specialist knowledge. 

Diagnosis and analysis of autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies are performed on a highly specialised level. 

Plasmapheresis, photopheresis and depletion of platelets, leukocytes and red blood cells are offered in patient treatment. Collection of hematopoietic stem cells is performed on patients and allogeneic donors. 

The department is active in research nationally and internationally and educates doctors, nurses, biomedical laboratory scientists and medical secretaries.