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The Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Aarhus University Hospital is internationally renowned and highly specialised in the measurement of circulating biomarkers. The department is dynamic, innovative and dedicated to excellence within the field of clinical biochemistry, including oncology, haematology and coagulation disorders

The department has approximately 300 staff members (medical doctors, biochemists, biomedical laboratory scientists, IT specialists) and is organised in a section/staff structure.

The sections perform analytical work within a defined field, headed by a management group of a specialist doctor, a biochemist, and a biomedical laboratory scientist. A number of employees perform cross-disciplinary tasks such as quality management, working environment, education, IT, administration

The department has a long-standing research interest in biomarker discovery and validation within a broad range of clinical fields. We participate in international research networks and collaborate with a number of specialised departments at Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University. We also run a core facility for biochemical research support.

The department participates in education of medical students, master- and PhD students, biomedical laboratory scientists and in postgraduate specialist education of clinical biochemists.

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Head Consultant, Associate Professor, MD, DMSc

Mie Samson1.JPGMie Samson
Tel. +45 4014 4864 

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Head Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, mpg

Kate Juul Strandgaard.jpgKate Juul Strandgaard
Tel. +45 4029 3192

Professor, Consultant

Holger Jon Møller1.JPGHolger Jon Møller
Tel. +45 3120 2201

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Research Secretary



Research Coordinator/Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

Lene Damm Christensen
Phone: +45 4046 0441

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+45 784 55252 (department secretariat)

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Monday-Friday 8.00-15.00



Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99, Entrance F, Plan 3, C312, DK-8200 Aarhus N


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