The Department of Respiratory Diseases and Allergy at Aarhus University Hospital is the largest in Denmark. The department is an internationally renowned and a highly specialised department and covers diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of respiratory diseases and allergology.

Our department is one of three Danish centres appointed by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority with highly specialised functions in allergology and interstitial lung diseases and one of two centres dealing with rare pulmonary diseases. The department is divided into five units treating  patients with asthma and allergy, lung cancer, interstitial lung diseases including sarcoidosis and rare pulmonary diseases, evaluation and follow-up of lung transplant patients, COPD, bronchiectasis and tuberculosis among other pulmonary diseases.

We host the Allergy Centre for Western Denmark, a centre offering multidisciplinary programmes involving specialists in pulmonary medicine and allergology, occupational medicine, dermatology, paediatrics, pharmacology, ear-nose and throat diseases and opthalmologists.

Furthermore, the department has developed and established the West Danish Interstitial Lung Disease Registry and collaborates with other interstitial lung disease centres throughout Europe.

We have an allergy research unit specialising in the biology and pathophysiology of mast cell and basophil granulocytes and clinical research in lung pharmacology. We collaborate  with a number of international allergy research centres and are also highly involved in research in lung cancer, tuberculosis, interstitial lung diseases and other rare respiratory diseases.

The department has a clinical research unit with certified study nurses and laboratory technicians performing both investigator-initiated studies and studies in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.