In the best hands throughout life

AUH narrative

With the narrative 'In the best hands throughout life' we approach hospital care with the human in focus.

We put patients first and have a whole-person approach.

We create results through collaboration in dialogue with patients, relatives and colleagues.

We have the highest level of professionalism and strive for continuous development.

We educate, develop and support each other focusing on improvement and learning in practice.

We dare to take the lead and reach for a higher level.

We make what is difficult possible.

Decency: We have a whole-person approach

At AUH we meet people with respect regardless of their background and position. Trust, dignity, professionalism, presence, decency, and empathy are words that patients and relatives use to describe our work across all professions.

At AUH we welcome you both as a patient, a relative or as a new colleague.

We cure, relieve and comfort and we strive to do what is most valuable to patients and their relatives.

We involve through dialogue to create even better treatment.

Excellence: The whole treatment pathway in the best hands

We have the highest level of professionalism.

At AUH patients are in the best hands.

Our broad, high level of professionalism ensures that patients receive exactly the treatment they need – from standard to highly specialised treatment.

The highest knowledge ensures the best treatment. Research and education at the highest level pave the way for better examinations treatment and care pathways.

We strive for excellence and make room for development and new ideas. We share our knowledge nationally and internationally. We face and overcome difficulties to give people a better life. AUH has repeatedly been accredited for our approach. We educate and train future colleagues, our work is evidence-based, and we learn in practice – also from our mistakes.

The whole treatment pathway in the best hands.

Dialogue: We create results through collaboration

At AUH we help and develop each other. We work together to solve routine, complex, and rare tasks.

We ensure progression, develop new methods and create sustainable solutions by collaborating across professions and differences.

Together we are responsible – individually and together - for delivering the best treatment. We solve tasks together.

We have conscious and aware of what is going on both inside and outside our hospital.

We go to great lengths to help each patient and a colleague in need of a helping hand.

The whole pathway in the best hands.

Boldness: We insist and we dare

We insist and we dare.

At AUH the patient’s needs always come first.

We demonstrate this when we find new ways and put people above habits.

We do our very best and insist to make a difference in peoples’ lives – also when it is difficult and requires and extra effort.

We are curious and bold, and we dare to take the lead and reach for a higher level. This is how we make what is difficult possible.

In the best hands when things are difficult.

Strategic ambition

Strategic ambition

At AUH we engage patients with a whole-person approach and with the highest level of professionalism. We offer citizens a cohesive and reputable service throughout life no matter the difficulty of the treatment.

The strategic ambition for AUH can be boiled down to one statement; we want to cover all medical specialities at the highest international level.

The strategic ambition sets the direction for the development of our hospital evolving around the needs of our patients across specialities and disciplines.