Together we create and lead national and international research projects

Research is a core task. Our vision is to create breakthroughs for each patient through excellent research at high international level. We must be able to initiate and lead international research projects. To do this, research leaders must have special competencies, network and outlook and be able to promote research projects and results.

Together we expand an excellent research environment across professions and areas of specialization

We include collaborators across professions and sectors. In our effort to create solutions to complex challenges, we need to interact innovatively with other knowledge staff. This collaboration can contribute with new angles to joint research projects including the development of highly specialized functions.

Together we conduct research with and for all patients

Research must include all population groups and involve patients. Our research must benefit patients regardless of socioeconomic status, age, ethnicity and gender. Thus, as many types of patients as possible should be involved in research projects. Patients must experience that our research is relevant and should be included in the formulation of research questions, patient information etc.

Together we create the best opportunities for development for all talented researchers

To create excellent research with breakthroughs benefitting each individual patient, we must give talented researchers the best conditions for further development, be able to attract external, highly qualified researchers and retain the skilled and competent researchers we already have. To promote diversity, inclusion and transparency in research environments, we include and involve all talents and create better conditions for an innovative and flourishing research environment.