Plastic surgery


The Plastic Surgery Research Unit at the Department of Plastic Surgery covers research activities within plastic surgery at Aarhus University Hospital. Please visit the homepage
Research on infants, children and teenagers is at its initial phase but focuses on treatment and reconstruction of congenital and acquired defects.
When the efficacy of treatment of hemangiomas with propranolol was published, the first patient in Denmark was treated at Aarhus University Hospital
Accordingly the Research Unit has conducted studies within this particular field. Moreover, correction of craniofacial anomalies and the use of lipotransplantation have become additional areas of research as well as treatment of rare congenital disorders (e.g. neurofibromatosis) in collaboration with the Centre for Rare Diseases at Aarhus University Hospital.

Centre for Vascular Anomalies was established in 2000.
The first Danish patient with a hemifacial hemangioma was treated with propranolol in November 2008
The Plastic Surgery Research Unit was established in 2012

Publications and projects
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The versatility of autologous fat transplantation in the correction of facial deformities:
a single-centre experience.
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