About the department

Using advanced neuroimaging techniques, CFIN researchers study the metabolism, haemodynamics, neurotransmission, structural/functional connectivity and activation patterns in the normal brain and in patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders. CFIN is closely integrated with clinical neuroscience at Aarhus University Hospital, with strong translational efforts to create novel diagnostics and therapeutics. 

The goal of CFIN is to understand the ability of the human brain to adapt to experience, during normal development, learning and interaction with the surrounding social and physical environment. Moreover, to study the biochemical and structural effects of neurological disease or substance abuse.

Examples of recent research projects can be found in the CFIN Annual Reports. 
The CFIN Annual Reports can be downloaded from CFIN / MINDLab Annual Reports

The work at CFIN is characterised by interdisciplinarity and the many research projects can only be conducted through collaboration across professional boundaries. 

Furthermore, a vibrant research environment is an integrated part of CFIN, attracting a large number of international researchers and students.