Danish Neuroscience Center (DNC) is a collaboration between Central Region Denmark, Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University.

With its unique research environment, the center has rapidly proliferated and the research results of DNC are now internationally recognized. DNC was established in 2009 as unique brain research in Aarhus and rapidly proliferated and expanded. The installation of a new PET scanning unit, together with ambitious research efforts, led to the development of new tracers to visualize disorders of the brain. Other great DNC discoveries have led to a paradigm

shift in the use of magnetic resonance (MR)-imaging diagnostics for stroke. DNC research results are internationally recognized, have attracted major research grants and enticed leading neuroscientists to Aarhus from Denmark and abroad.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is one of our key success factors, with DNC bringing together clinicians and researchers from a wide range of specialties. The close relationship between Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital has provided researchers with an ideal setting to link scientific research with clinical need and assessment to iteratively improve upon new solutions and methodologies and transform university research into successful spin-out ventures.

DNC collaborates with: