Danish Stroke Centre (DSC) was established in 2012 in close connection to the high-volume comprehensive stroke unit at Aarhus University Hospital. A clinical professorship is attached to the DSC and the professor is head of a steering committee in collaboration with associate professors and vascular consultants from departments of neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, neuroanaesthesiology and the prehospital organization. The centre builds on a documented productive network and is characterised by highly specialised and competent staff members; research is an integrated part of daily practice. We have collaborated extensively with big centers abroad and we have been a center piece is studies such as ESCASS-3, REDUCE, DIAS and WAKE-UP.Networking also involves adjacent specialties in cardiology, clinical epidemiology and basic science. The translational collaboration with CFIN (Center of functional Integrative Neuroscience, Aarhus University Hospital) has been established since the beginning of 2004, when MRI in acute stroke became first priority for diagnostics before acute re-perfusion treatment.The primary goal for the DSC is to strengthen clinical research at local and national level and establish collaboration to renowned international stroke research groups. The aim is to conduct clinical and epidemiological stroke research at high international level and to implement new treatments and achievements fast and efficiently in every day practice. Moreover, to facilitate the necessary organisational changes in Denmark to treat as many patients as possible as fast as possible in the acute setting.Early recognition of stroke by clinical scales and triage to a treating hospital is currently a high priority. This challenge is met by a close collaboration with the pre-hospital organization in Central Denmark Region. This is also an area of intense research for DSC with studies looking at triage, remote ischemic preconditioning and stroke diagnosis by use of biomarker.
Revised: 12 October 2021