The comprehensive stroke unit at Aarhus University Hospital serves 0.8 mill inhabitants and offer services to patients with all types of stroke. The uptake area for endovascular treatment is Central Denmark Region and North Denmark Region comprising at total of 1.8 million habitants.
The centre employes six vascular neurological consultants, two of them are also associate professors and one clinical professor.
First priority imaging methodology for all types of stroke is MRI, which is offered as a 24-hour service.
Ultrasonography and transcranial doppler examinations are also available as a 24-hour service..
Continous ECG is available with telemetric transmission to specialists in cardiology around the clock.
Stroke care is of high quality and 75% of patients with stroke receive care which reaches goals for measures of good quality stroke care in the Danish Stroke Registry.
A TIA clinic serves minor stroke cases and TIA with low risk profile on an outpatient basis is offered from day to day seven days a week.
Stroke admissions amount to 1,600 and 800 TIA cases annually.
Intravenous thrombolysis is performed in 300 cases and endovascular treatment in 150 cases annually. The rate of reperfusion treatment in all ischemic strokes is approximately 25%.
Revised: 22 August 2017