PhD study

Phd student: Martin Faurholdt Gude, Department of Anaesthesiology.

Main supervisor: Professor Hans Kirkegaard, Emergency Department.

Co-supervisors: Professor Grethe Andersen, Department of Neurology and Associate professor Søren Paaske Johnsen, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University Hospital.

Purpose: To investigate and improve stroke diagnostics. The PhD consists of three studies and a sub-study: Study 1: Investigation of stroke patients unrecognised by the EMS dispatchers. Study 2: Implementation and validation of PreSS, a new screening tool for stroke and stroke severity in the prehospital setting. An inter-rater study (sub-study) - on the agreement between ambulance personnel and neurologists using PreSS. Study 3: Point of care test in prehospital setting including GFAP as a biomarker for stroke.

Study period: 01 Aug 2017-31 Jul 2020.
Funding: TrygFonden (DKK 3 mio).

MD, PhD Student
Martin Faurholdt Gude

Revised: 22 October 2021