Clinical Internships and Trainee positions
The department is open for short term unpaid internships and trainee positions for both clinicians and medical students.
For more information contact:
Per Lehnert, Senior Registrar, Associate Professor, MD, PhD. E-mail:

Graduate programme (PhD)
Aarhus University Hospital offers graduate educations in collaboration with Aarhus University, Faculty of Health.
For more information on open calls and application procedures, link:

Pre-graduate education
All pre-graduate education on Aarhus University Hospital is conducted in Danish. Information regarding this can be found via link (English information):

We organize post-graduate and continuing education courses for doctors at the University´s excellent animal facilities, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University. It is based at Aarhus University Hospital. Many of our courses are organized in collaboration with the Danish Board of Health. Read more about the international courses:

Education of Perfusionists in Cardiovascular Technology
The Scandinavian School of Cardiovascular Technology is a joint venture education aimed primarily at Scandinavian perfusionists as a science based education at masters level. 

The Scandinavian School of Cardiovascular Technology

The Central Region in Denmark physically and administratively houses the school; Diploma for completed theoretical education is issued by Aarhus University and the European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (EBCP) accredits it. Completion of the practical education at the students "home clinic" and the theoretical education at Aarhus University Hospital automatically qualifies to EBCP certification.

The students are employed by their "home clinic" for 2 years to become practically trained in extracorporeal circulation during open heart surgery, and related procedures. During that period they attend 3 modules with a duration of 6 weeks for each module at Aarhus University Hospital in Aarhus. The last of four semesters is devoted to conduction of a scientific project, which is terminated by writing a thesis and a public presentation and defense of the student´s scientific work. 

Head of the Scandinavian School of Cardiovascular Technology: J. Michael Hasenkam, MD, DMSc, Professor of Experimental Cardiac Surgery.

Education of Biomedical Engineering students
In collaboration with Department of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology and Department of Clinical Medicine biomedical engineering students are exposed to our clinical training by 2 week study visits. These visits provides the students with an important insight into clinical practice and interaction with both patients, nurses and doctors in our department of Cardiothoracic  and Vascular Surgery.

Out department also teaches theoretical courses in cardiovascular pathology as well as biomedical science technology and presentation. 

Main coordinator at our department: J. Michael Hasenkam, MD, DMSc, Professor of Experimental Cardiac Surgery