As part of a leading university hospital, our Department of Endocrinology and Internal Medicine offers all kind of diagnostics and treatments within the fields of internal medicine and endocrinology at the highest national and international level.

Diabetes and obesity are rapidly increasing challenges worldwide, and based on our longstanding scientific tradition within this field; our patients receive treatment in accordance with the highest international standards.

We offer intensive multifactorial treatment with tight glucose regulation and aggressive use of antihypertensive drugs, aspirin, and lipid-lowering agents. Patients with overt obesity are evaluated for bariatric surgery, and we offer support to diabetic patients across hospital departments. We have close collaboration with other specialists within obstetrics, nephrology, cystic fibrosis etc.

We have a strong research-based focus on calcium metabolic disorders and offer frontline treatments to both patients with common diseases such as osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency and patients with a broad variety of rare bone diseases. Our osteoporosis clinic has a very high throughput of DEXA scans and we have experts at a high international level within genetic calcium metabolic disorders.

Diseases within the HPA-axis, the pituitary and congenital endocrine disorders are relatively rare and we diagnose and treat patients with such diseases from the western part of Denmark. We have a close collaboration with experts in molecular medicine, and are about to offer targeted next generation sequencing to patients with suspected genetic disorders.