The Department of Hematology has a widespread network of local, national and international collaborations, as reflected from its publications and its outreach.

At the local level we are collaborating with other clinical department within the university hospital as well as with the Department of Biomedicine at the Health Faculty, most notably the FACS Core facility.

Within the Danish research community, we are collaborating with all other hematological university departments in creating and running laboratories and clinical protocols. Of special mention is the collaboration with our sister department in Copenhagen with Drs. Kirsten Grønbæk and Kristian Helin on myeloid malignancies.

Internationally, we participate in multinational treatment protocols, most notably the British one on the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, where dr. Hans Beier Ommen is our representative.

With the research groups on lympho- and myeloproliferative disorders we continue collaborate closely with a range of groups around the World (please refer to the special postings from these groups).

Finally, Peter Hokland established in 1980 a biobank of viable cells from myeloid malignancy patients, which has been accessed and used in high impact factor publications by researchers in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Revised: 3 August 2023