Pathology research covers a wide spectrum from basic biomedical research to applied clinical research. The field is expanding rapidly as a result of advances in molecular biology. The department emphasises translational research of basic scientific findings into clinical application and the effective investigation of clinical problems in the laboratory. While we work with all major disease categories, the main focus of our applied clinical research is cancer. Our research identifies biomarkers to improve diagnosis by e.g. distinguishing between cancer cells and other cell types, predict the development of diseases (for example in cancer prognosis), and optimise treatment by e.g. identifying patients who will benefit from targeted cancer therapy. The presence of biomarkers in tissue is demonstrated by combining traditional microscopy with advanced molecular methods, a combination that has given rise to a new area of expertise: molecular morphology. At the same time, we use novel scanning and digital-imaging techniques to increase the precision of marker identification and measurement, and to automate processes.