Treatment of chronic viral infections such as HIV and chronic hepatitis B and C. There is a highly active clinical research unit affiliated with the out-patient clinic and an experimental research unit with the scope of understanding the interplay between the immune system and chronic viral infections in order to develop a cure/prevent HIV, hepatitis and other chronic viral infections.

Treatment of highly contagious diseases or infections with highly resistant organisms. The department is equipped with 16 isolation beds for treatment of patients with haemorrhagic fevers, smallpox and SARS among others. The department also treats cystic fibrosis in adults and chronic bacterial infections ???? endocarditis, CNS infections, spondylitis etc.

Diagnostic work-up and treatment of patients with immunodeficiency diseases. The department has a unit for state of the art diagnostic work-up for immunodeficiency and a large outpatient clinic for immunomodulatory drugs including immunoglobulins.


Professor Lars Ostergaard MD, PhD, DMSc
Consultants: Alex Lund Laursen, Merete Storgaard, Eskild Petersen, Søren Jensen-Fangel, Carsten Schade Larsen, Hanne Arildsen

Post.doc: Trine Mogensen, MD, PhD - Martin Tolstrup, MSc, PhD – Lotte Rodkjær, PhD