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The Neuromuscular Team at Aarhus University Hospital diagnose and treat diseases involving the peripheral nerves and striated muscles.

Primary research interests are quantification of deficits of peripheral nerves and striated muscles. This enables a more detailed understanding of clinical symptoms and signs in peripheral neuropathies, neuromuscular transmission disorders and myopathies. We perform imaging studies applying magnetic resonance imaging of peripheral nerves and striated muscles to detect and quantify neuropathic and myopathic abnormalities in peripheral neuropathies and myopathies. Pharmacological research includes randomized controlled clinical trials of subcutaneous and intravenous administration of immunoglobulins in patients diagnosed with immune-mediated neuropathies. Furthermore, population-based clinical studies of patients with myasthenia gravis are performed with focus on understanding the natural history of the disease and evaluating different treatments. Epidemiological studies are also performed studying mortality and morbidity related to inflammatory neuropathies.


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