The Department of Occupational Medicine at Aarhus University Hospital receives patients from a referral area of 1.2 million inhabitants. The department performs exposure assessments and prevention of occupationally related diseases with focus on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. The department is dedicated to clinical care, education and research. The Department of Occupational Medicine performs a broad range of non-invasive clinical examinations and treatments within occupationally related diseases. Furthermore, the department plays a leading role in examination and development of treatment for occupationally related allergic diseases, musculoskeletal diseases and work-related stress. The Department of Occupational Medicine has a tradition for research in reproductive health, work-related stress, musculoskeletal diseases and work-related lung diseases. Most of the research activities in the department are organised within the Danish Ramazzini Center, which is a major contributor to occupational health research in Denmark. The Department of Occupational Medicine collaborates with a large number of research groups within reproductive health, work-related lung diseases, stress-related disorders and musculoskeletal diseases. The department has approximately 1400 outpatients annually referred from general practice, hospital departments, work places, and environmental health authorities.

Revised: 2 June 2017