Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency programme at 

Aarhus University Hospital


General Programme Information

The clinical residency programme provides comprehensive training in all major areas generally included in the practice of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon including:

 ·     Temporomandibular joint disease

·     Oral reconstruction and rehabilitation

·     Dental implantology

·     Orthognathic surgery

·     Cleft palate surgery

·     Maxillofacial trauma

·     Oral pathology


Programme duration

The clinical residency programme includes a five-year stay at Aarhus University Hospital including a variety of clinical rotations at the hospital at the departments of:

• Anaesthesiology

• Otolaryngology

• Internal medicine

• Orthopedics

• Head and neck surgery

• Critical intensive care

• Plastic surgery


Admission requirements

Entry into the residency programme is highly competitive. The essential requirements to apply for the programme includes:

·     A dental degree and full registration and authorisation as a dentist in Denmark

·     Two years of working experience as a dentist

·     Applicants with surgical and scientific experience will be preferred


Application for residency will be announced in the Danish Dental Journal every spring. The applicants will be invited for an interview (conducted in Danish) in June/July before starting the five-year programme in August.


Revised: 4 April 2018