The department is highly specialised in diagnostics of malignant, urogenital, cardiovascular, paediatric, orthopaedic and rheumatologic disorders in addition to concomitant image-guided interventional therapy. 

The department is internationally leading regarding diagnosis of lung, renal, cervical and rectal cancers using functional imaging contributing to a more reliable evaluation of response to treatment. 

The department also has a leading position internationally regarding diagnostics of spondyloarthritides and is at international level within the diagnosis of sarcomas. 
Interventional treatment of lung and lever metastases using radiofrequency ablation and intra-arterial chemoembolisation is implemented in daily clinical practice as well as in research projects. 

We continuously seek to improve diagnostics and interventional procedures by testing new possibilities, ensuring quality and improvement of staff competences. 

Research at the Department of Radiology is currently focused on colorectal cancer, MR angiography, arthritic disorders, and functional CT and MRI in addition to interventional procedures. The research spans from basic science to clinical trials and epidemiological studies. 

Revised: 19 October 2020