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Department of Radiology comprises eight sections offering support to all clinical departments at Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) concerning diagnostics and interventional procedures. The department being a part of a university hospital, covers all radiological areas including 28 highly specialised functions within neuroradiology (including neuro-intervention), interventional radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, abdominal radiology, paediatric radiology and oncological radiology. As a local hospital for the city of Aarhus, Aarhus University Hospital treats a substantial number of acute patients at all levels and the hospital has a level 1 trauma center.

To improve services to our patients, we strive to develop new diagnostic methods and improve diagnostic and interventional procedures. Our subdivision into highly specialised sections allows us to build high levels of expertise within modalities, diseases, organ systems and treatments. Meanwhile, this also allows close cooperation with individual clinical departments to ensure the best possible patient pathways.

Department of Radiology researchers work within neuroradiology, functional body MRI, pelvic MRI, chest and perfusion CT, musculoskeletal inflammation, and MRI and radiography quality optimisation. Researchers collaborate closely with experts and clinical partners at AUH and abroad, and conduct research at a high international level.

Revised: 14 December 2020