We have never had more new discoveries within healthcare than now, but while research is leading to new knowledge, only a small percentage is making its way into clinical settings. It is time for research teams and clinicians to collaborate across disciplines, academia and industries to create real impact.


Focusing on patient outcomes and real-world needs, BETA.HEALTH is driving the innovation of improved treatments and new products from inside the clinical environment. We are collaborating with scientists, researchers and practitioners to turn science into solutions by translating their clinical research into scalable solutions that can radically improve patient outcomes.


BETA.HEALTH is Denmark’s national health innovation platform. It is sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with headquarters at Aarhus University Hospital and Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.


We are fueling a more systematic approach to the identification, development, validation and implementation of research-based solutions at Danish hospitals. We provide economic resources along with individualised mentorship and accelerator support to help hospital-based clinicians and researchers across Denmark solve the main challenges facing our healthcare system.

We sponsor calls for applications each spring and autumn in which we invite clinicians and researchers to apply for support in developing their health innovations – particularly those addressing the following three critical areas:

  • Capacity issues in healthcare systems
  • Early detection using predictive models, screening modalities or other digital workflows in clinical diagnostics
  • Personalised solutions that suit each patient’s needs regardless of physical location, with a focus on value and outcome measures

The programme particularly encourages innovation projects that incorporate data- and/or device-driven solutions leading to:

  • Increased diagnostic capacity
  • Continuous and actionable decision support
  • Increased precision of diagnostics for early screening, intervention/treatment and monitoring
  • Prospectively-validated prediction models that support optimal resource allocation in the healthcare system

In 2022, BETA.HEALTH supported 28 innovation projects with the total amount of 12.750.000 DKK.

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Industry Partnership with Roche

In 2023, BETA.HEALTH joined forces with the world-leading life science company Roche to drive the innovation of research-based solutions at Danish hospitals for the benefit of patients and society.

The purpose is to create a long-term partnership to accelerate clinical innovation in Denmark with the aim of solving healthcare challenges. We share the desire to solve some of healthcare’s greatest challenges and we believe that no institution can do it alone – therefore, we have partnered to bring our promise of next-practice healthcare to life.

Roche and BETA.HEALTH will launch their first industry-sponsored call across all public hospitals in Denmark on 1 June 2023. The aim is to fund innovation projects in supplement to the advisory and network support provided by the BETA.HEALTH team while providing industry expertise from Roche.

The partnership will focus on innovation opportunities relating to:

  • Early detection
  • Capacity issues
  • Health@home  

The chosen innovation projects will receive industry expertise and know-how from Roche to strengthen and support their development through direct access to Roche’s resources and core capabilities. The partnership is a gateway to scaling solutions to international markets through Roche’s distribution channels.

Roche gain access to help solving pain points through investing in our national BETA.HEALTH platform that systematically creates new innovative solutions in addition to access to co-creating solutions with leading clinicians, experts and other ecosystem players.

BETA.HEALTH Academy & Ambassador Network

The Academy is on a mission to develop the competencies necessary to drive clinical innovation and to promote and facilitate an innovative mindset and culture amongst clinical researchers. It aims to bridge the gap between research and tangible healthcare innovations by collaborating with leading subject-matter experts to provide hands-on training, learning and other opportunities to help clinical researchers develop competencies related to clinical innovation.

The goal is to develop a strong community that is characterised by an innovation culture and mindset. We envision a meeting place where innovative researchers and clinicians can meet like-minded people, exchange knowledge and inspiration, share their experiences in overcoming innovation barriers, and advance the conversation about what innovation means to the future of healthcare in Denmark – and beyond. 

The Ambassador Network is comprised of appointed physicians, clinicians, researchers, PhD students and support staff employed by Danish hospitals. Its purpose is to identify research projects within Aarhus University Hospital that show innovation potential, and to help transfer this research into new clinical applications and solutions that benefit patients. Delegates to the network, which meets monthly, are appointed for two years. All ambassadors have a degree in innovation or a proven track record with innovation projects.

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