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During the two months that doctor Luz Divina Severino from Hospital General de México Dr. Eduardo Liceaga in Mexico City, has been a fellow at Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Surgery, she has worked with a number of surgical techniques that she now wants to introduce into clinical practise in Mexico.

Other than a lot of experience with techniques such as fistula surgery with fat injections and non-invasive THD, her time at AUH has also opened her eyes to how a fundamental trust in one's colleagues and the system you work in can make a big difference to the quality of you work as a surgent.

- Before I came here, I knew very well that things in a first world country like Denmark look different to ours in Mexico and the Dominican Republic where I am originally from. Your healthcare system is more organised and you have access to a lot of advanced technologies, which make diagnosis, treatment and patient care much more efficient and better for the patient on a whole. It's one thing to see hear about these differences from far away, it is quite another to experience it in person - it hits you in different way.

- One of the things I have noticed particularly is that you have a lot of trust in each other here. I quickly got the feeling that the people you work with want the best for you; that you cannot ask the wrong questions and that you are respected and listened to.

- In Denmark you have this fundamental trust in each other and your system. It has been refreshing to experience that, and I believe that that attitude makes for good and effective treatment of the patient.