Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of unknown aetiology affecting 2-3% of the Danish population. 

Pro-inflammatory cytokines are believed to be key players in the pathogenesis of psoriasis and treatments with biologics targeting specific cytokines have proven effective in the treatment of psoriasis.

Our research in psoriasis is mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Intracellular signalling pathways contributing to the pathogenesis of psoriasis
  • Non-coding RNAs regulating pro-inflammatory gene expression in psoriasis
  • Biomarkers predicting treatment response in patients treated with biologics
  • The role of adiposity in the development of psoriasis.

To address specific questions related to these research topics we use cell cultures for in vitro studies, biopsies from patients with psoriasis for ex vivo models and different mouse models for in vivo studies. 
We collaborate with both national and international partners and a number of research projects are conducted as international joint projects.


Lars Iversen, Professor, Department Chair, MD, DMSc,

Claus Johansen, Research Associate Professor, PhD, DMSc,

Revised: 15 June 2017