Research at MOMA focuses on cancer, in particular colon, bladder and prostate cancer.

We also do research in molecular medicine and medical conditions, bioinformatics and molecular diagnostics.
The department has a long-standing and internationally renowned research record and cooperates in international networks.

We aim at the development, validation and clinical implementation of moleculars markers that

  • diagnose cancer at early stages
  • predict progression, aggressiveness and recurrence of tumors
  • predict chemoresponse
  • tailor treatment to each tumor and patient (personal medicine)

Most research projects are organized under The Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University or The Central Region Denmark, and in the five research groups at MOMA.

MOMA has access to state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment and technologies, and a high-performance computer cluster under Genome Denmark.

Biobanks established since 1994 form a solid base for many projects. The core facility for NGS at Aarhus University Hospital is run by MOMA.

Please find more information about our research at

Bladder Cancer Group

Colon Cancer Group

Prostate Cancer Group

Bioinformatics groups

Medical Research Group