General information

Prostate cancer

  • Noninvasive quantification of tumour blood flow in prostate cancer using 82Rb PET/CT. Validation with 15O-water PET/CT

  • Imaging of cholinergic processes in prostate cancer with 11C-donepezil PET

Bladder cancer

  • Preoperative detection of lymph node metastases with 18F-FDG PET/CT in patients with high risk non-invasive and muscle invasive bladder cancer


  • Trial of steroid avoidance and low dose CNI by ATG-induction in renal transplantation (SAILOR-study)

  • Blodpressure and vessel resistance before and after kidney transplantation (TXkar-study)

  • The effect of spironolactone on calcineurin inhibition induced nephotoxicity (SPIREN-study)


  • New PET agents for imaging in nephro-urology