Clinical Internships- and Trainee positions
The department is open for short term unpaid internships and trainee positions for both clinicians and medical students.
For more information contact:
Jesper Bille, MD, Consultant

Graduate programmes (PhD)
Aarhus University Hospital offers graduate educations in collaboration with Aarhus University, Faculty of Health. For more information on open calls and application procedures, please see: Graduate Programmes

Pre-graduate education
All pre-graduate education on Aarhus University Hospital is conducted in Danish. However, we do offer an English-language semester as part of the Master’s Programme in Medical Sciences to facilitate exchange with partner universities outside of Denmark. Read more about the international semester:

We organise post-graduate and continuing education courses for doctors at our renowned excellent animal facilities, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University is situated at Aarhus University Hospital. Many of our courses are organised in collaboration with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority. Read more about the international courses: