Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at Aarhus University Hospital treats all aspects of acute trauma and chronic diseases in the speciality. In close collaboration with other relevant medical specialities, the department treats benign and malignant tumours, congenital disorders and neurological diseases including cranial nerve damage, especially dizziness and hearing loss. The department is particularly known for highly specialised rhino surgery, tracheal resection and reconstructive surgery and is the Centre for Cochlear Implantation in the western part of Denmark.

The Trauma Center- and Emergency function
The department offers 24/7 medical assistance to the Emergency Department and has a dedicated operating theatre for acute obstructive airway trauma or diseases.

The Outpatient Clinic
The department’s outpatient facilities consist of 12 examination rooms, a sleep-disorder clinic as well as two sound proof rooms for hearing-tests. The examination rooms are equipped to perform state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostics.

Audiology Clinic
The Audiology Clinic is a highly specialised unit performing diagnosis of hearing loss and hearing-aid treatment. The clinic is situated in Aarhus city centre with satellite clinics at MarselisCenter Aarhus and in Horsens and Randers.

The Ward
The Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery holds 16 beds at a specialised ward for patients with otorhinolaryngological diseases. The ward holds 16 single patient rooms with private bathroom, cable TV and guest bed for relatives.

Operating Theatres
The department has four dedicated operating theatres for major procedures requiring post operation admission, three operating theatres at the day surgery clinic, a specialised operating theatre for children and a weekly day of robotic surgery.
All operating theaters are equipped with state-of-the-art medico-technical equipment for otorhinolaryngological surgery. The theatres are operated in close collaboration with highly specialised anaesthesiologists and operation nurses from the Department of Surgery. The department surgeons also assist other departments at operations, such as skull base neurosurgery and reconstructive surgery in the head and neck region.

Facts (2018)
Outpatients: 36,327
Operations: 4,345
Discharges: 2,977
Bed days: 5,254
Average length of stay: 1,7 days

Employees (2018)
Doctors: 38
Nurses: 35
Administrative staff: 26
Audiology Clinic staff: 27