ICG-angiography using the SPY-Elite System

As the only hospital in Scandinavia and as one of the few hospitals in Europe, Department of Plastic and Breast Surgery uses the SPY-Elite System. The SPY- Elite System provides the surgeon – after injection of indocyanine green -  quantification of real time perfusion of the body integument. ICG-based angiography is used to assess both pedicled and free flaps and select perforators to detect the primary and secondary angiosomes of a given perforator in any reconstructive procedure. Moreover, the SPY-Elites System is used to assess the perfusion of mastectomy flaps in immediate breast reconstruction. It is also of great value in traumatology when evaluating the perfusion in avulsion injuries.

Center of Excellence for acellular dermal matrices in breast reconstruction

Department of Plastic and Breast Surgery and the Research Unit have for several years performed ADM-based breast reconstruction as well as a range of even more advanced reconstructions (static reconstruction after facial palsy, chest wall reconstruction, abdominal wall reconstruction) using ADM as a scaffold for soft tissue ingrowth. Several research projects have been and are carried out in this field.

The department serves as a education centre for the use of ADM and receives regular visits from surgeons from Scandinavia and Europe, who participate in reconstructive surgery in the department.