(section for colorectal and mamma-endocrine surgery)

The Department of Surgery covers specialized treatment for every aspect of both colorectal, breast and endocrine surgery.

The department offers state-of-the art surgical treatment and uses the most recent technology. The colorectal section covers both primary and recurrent colorectal cancer, anal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, proctology, and surgery for functional bowel disorders. Until now surgical treatment of the thyroid and parathyroids has been a major area of surgical and academic activity. From 2015, these activities have been transferred to the Department of Otorhinolaryngology , but during a transitional period the department contributes to the execution of some endocrine neck surgery. The department has produced internationally recognized research on outcome of surgery for primary and recurrent rectal and anal cancer, nationwide survival of colorectal cancer, and has a leading international position in translational research for functional bowel disorders especially regarding sacral nerve stimulation. The breast and endocrine section has a high international standard. Special focus in research has been on morbidity after breast cancer treatment and the skeletal consequences of primary hyperparathyroidism. 

International collaboration is a cornerstone in most clinical and research activities creating a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere in both the colorectal and the breast-endocrine section. In 2012, the department was nominated ‘Centre of Excellence’ by the European Society of Coloproctology to hold international colorectal fellows, and in 2013 it was also nominated ‘Centre of Excellence’ in robotic colorectal surgery.


The leaders of the two multidisciplinary groups, Danish Breast Cancer Group (DBCG) and Danish Colorectal Cancer Group (DCCG) are both employed at Department of Surgery.