Colorectal section

The department has adopted the most modern treatment regimens of primary advanced and recurrent colorectal and anal cancer, and recurrent cervical cancer treating patients from all over Denmark and abroad. We perform  the largest series of pelvic exenterations, hemipelvectomies, and pelvic brachytherapies. We are a national centre for cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) and we are a referral centre for intra-abdominal and retroperitoneal sarcoma. These extensive treatments are performed through complex regional and international multidisciplinary pathways. Laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgery for colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and benign diseases are performed in close collaboration with international partners. 

The Anal Physiology Clinic is the largest in Denmark and is a referral centre for functional bowel problems as well as advanced proctology with full workup technology facilities. The clinic is leading internationally in treatment and research of sacral nerve stimulation. Minimal invasive treatment modalities for neurogenic bowel dysfunction have been developed in collaboration with specialists in hepatology and gastroenterology. A nurse-lead clinic is an integrated part of the daily clinical practice performing most of the work-up, conservative treatment and follow-up. The Anal Physiology Clinic has close collaboration with the Urogynaecology Clinic, the Urodynamic Clinic and Centre for Childhood Incontinence in the Pelvic Floor Unit at Aarhus University Hospital.

Breast and endocrine section

Surgical treatment of breast cancer has changed dramatically, and on national level, the department has had a leading role in developing and implementing the sentinel lymph node technique. Within recent years, oncoplastic breast surgery has been implemented in close collaboration with Department of Plastic Surgery. Fast track surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and outpatient treatment are special focus areas, and a substantial proportion of patients undergoing breast surgery (including breast cancer), thyroid and parathyroid surgery are operated in the Department of Day Surgery. The department holds the position as one of three national referral centres for adrenal surgery.