(Breast and endocrine section)

In a close and long-standing collaboration between the Department of Surgery and the Department of Endocrinology and Internal Medicine there has been focus on the skeletal consequences of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) Christiansen 2001. The skeletal effects of the disease have been described in detail, including histomorphometric evaluation of changes in remodeling and bone morphology and evaluation of bone mass before and after surgery by DEXA scans. The role of vitamin D in this disease has also been studied Moosgaard et al 2008Lars Rolighed et al 2011. Recently, a randomised, blinded controlled study has been conducted to evaluate the influence of peri-operative vitamin D treatment (given six months before and after the operation) on the outcome of surgery for PHPT Rolighed et al 2014. Vitamin D supplementation is beneficial for the skeleton in these patients, although the gain is not comparable to surgical cure. The randomised study also aimed to address the effect of vitamin D supplementation on muscle function and quality of life Rolighed et al 2014.


Peer Christiansen, Professor, Consultant Surgeon, DMSci, peerchri@rm.dk
Lars Rolighed, MD, PhD, Specialty Registrar, larsroli@rm.dk