Sacral Nerve Stimulation is a relatively new and very minor invasive surgical procedure for functional bowel problems. Both short- and long-term results appear excellent for faecal incontinence Michelsen HB et al 2010 as well as showing a promising effect in constipation Maeda Y et al 2010 and irritable bowel syndrome Lundby L et al 2008Fassov et al 2014. The indications for the use are therefore now spreading to other patient groups with severe colorectal or anal sphincter dysfunction. However, treatment is expensive and has to be evidence based and the mode of action is partly unknown. In an international collaboration headed by Aarhus University Hospital a series of investigator-initiated clinical studies have been performed focusing on optimising treatment Duelund-Jakobsen J et al 2012, Duelund-Jakobsen J et al 2013, exploring mode of action through advanced anal physiology testing Duelund-Jakobsen et al 2014, gastrointestinal motility studies Worsøe J et al 2012, cerebral imaging techniques Lundby L et al 2011 and cerebral cortical evoked potentials Haas S el al 2014. Long-term efficacy and safety have been documented and will be further described by an Aarhus-based, international multicentre registry. Furthermore, new indications are explored in clinical experimental trials. Fassov et al 2014


Lilli Lundby, Consultant Surgeon, PhD,
Steen Bunzten, Associate Professor, Consultant Surgeon, DMSci
Jakob Duelund-Jakobsen, MD, PhD,  
Janne Fassow, MD, PhD,
Søren Laurberg, Professor, Consultant Surgeon, DMSci,
Susanne Haas, MD, PhD student,
Jonas Worsøe, MD, PhD,
Peter Christensen, Professor, Consultant Surgeon,  DMSci, PhD