A scintillating crystal coupled to an optical fiber and a setup for QA of a low-energy X-ray source.

New advanced radiotherapy techniques have led to faster and more conformal dose delivery. This induces new demands on the measurement of the delivered dose; dosimetry. Our group is using in-house developed dosimeters with a high temporal resolution in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

The dosimeters are based on small scintillating crystals coupled to dedicated read-out systems that allows for dose rate measurements with a sub-millisecond temporal resolution. These crystals are used in three different studies at Aarhus University Hospital:

  • A national study on the 3D dose distribution of low-energy X-ray sources.

  • A pre-clinical study of FLASH therapy using proton pencil beam scanning. The scintillating crystals are used to validate that the planned dose is delivered and to measure the instant dose rates.

  • An international multi-centre study of in vivo dosimetry during brachytherapy. A dosimetry system is used for in vivo dosimetry during either HDR or PDR brachytherapy. The data will be used to prove the feasibility of online treatment verification and to investigate the accuracy of modern brachytherapy


JJohansen_80x120_sorthvid.pngAssociate professor of medical physics
Jacob Graversen Johansen


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Sky Rohrer
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Marjolein Louise E Heidotting
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Kari Tanderup


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Per Rugaard Poulsen


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