Great results for Aarhus University Hospital in annual survey of patient-reported experiences


Patient satisfaction is high at Aarhus University Hospital (AUH). This is reflected in the newly published results from the National Danish Survey of Patient Experiences for 2022. Understandable oral communication as well as meeting friendly and welcoming staff gets high scores at AUH.

During 2022, 32, 267 patients and women giving birth at AUH have filled in a questionnaire about their experiences at outpatient visits, acute or planned admissions, visits to the Emergency Department or when giving birth.

Best results for acute admissions

Overall, AUH is above or at the same level in all areas of the national survey of patients’ experiences in the healthcare system.

In particular, patients admitted acutely give the hospital a score above the national average in all questionnaire items. A total of 94% experience staff as friendly and welcoming and 85% report that staff ask elaborating questions to further familiarize themselves with the patient’s condition.

Recognition of staff

All patient experiences show a very high satisfaction with staff efforts. Patients praise staff for being friendly and able to communicate in an understandable way.

- Currently, the healthcare system and AUH examine, diagnose, and treat a very high number of patients every day and staff is busy. The survey of patients’ experiences shows us that we successfully solve these tasks. Patients’ experiences are very important to us, and we are proud that the patients show their appreciation of our competent staff, which they deserve, says Michael Braüner Schmidt, Chief Medical Officer at AUH.

Important focus on patient involvement

It is a strategic goal for AUH to be leading in patient involvement and this dedicated focus is reflected in the survey results. In more questions on patient involvement, AUH scores above the national average. It is a constant focus area where AUH has the ambition to further improve.

- We have to rethink how we provide healthcare – also at AUH – to treat the increasing number of patients in a situation where we do not get extra staff. We know that patients wish to be involved more, and further patient involvement is one of the keys to ensure that patients receive the individual services they need, says Michael Braüner Schmidt.