Resarch graphicsResearch takes place at Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Aarhus University Hospital in our wards and clinics. You are welcome to contact us abourt our onging projects.

We have two research centres within gynaecology and obstetrics respectively. We collaborate with researchers within the fields of oncology and paediatrics.

Professor, Department Chair, DMSc Obstetrics

Niels Uldbjerg
Phone: +45 3071 4895
Mobile: +45 2067 9420
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Midwife, MPH, PhD Director of Research Centre

Rikke Maimburg  
Phone: +45 4080 8191
Mobile: +45 4080 8191

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Photo Department Chair Axel FormanProfessor, Department Chair, DMSc Gynaecology

Axel Forman
Phone: +45 7845 3312
Mobile: +45 2175 7702

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Honorary Associate Professor Lene SeibækAssociate Professor, RN, PhD

Lene Seibæk
Phone: +45 7845 3306

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Secretary Annie Jytta NielsenSecretary (Obstetrics)

Annie Jytta Nielsen  
Phone: +45 7845 3355


Secretary (Gynaecology)

Rikke Vestervig Moesgaard  
Phone: +45 7845 3354


Revised: 23 March 2017