The department continuously seeks to improve patient outcome and satisfaction by utilizing the newest resection prosthesis allowing for a better fixation of tendons and muscles to the prosthesis for better joint mobility, strength and control over the affected limb.

In children expandable resection prosthesis is used with the same advantages as above but also with the ability to lengthen while the patients grows facilitating equal limb length. This can be done by external stimuli without the need for a further operations or anaesthesia avoiding the risk of periprosthetic infection.

Where possible biologic reconstruction using autografts - primarily vascularised fibula – are performed as a joint sparing treatment with better patient outcome compared to resection alloplasty. In selected cases in small children a shortening of the leg (van Nees Arthroplasthy) can be the best reconstructive solution.

The department also performs operations with insertion of osseo integrated prosthesis in amputees that can`t wear an ordinary external prosthesis for example because the remaining limb is too short to provide adequate fixation.

Osseo integrated prosthesis gives the patients osseo perception – a feeling of what sort of underlay – they are walking on among other benefits.