The focus is clinical research in glomerulonephritis and vasculitis to improve treatment efficacy on both short and long-term outcome and reduction of treatment related side effect.

Adapt in MCN (A randomized controlled unblinded multicenter non-inferiority trial with Activated vitamin D and Prednisolone treatment in patients with minimal change nephropathy) in adult patients is carried out in collaboration with all departments of Renal Medicine in Denmark.

The study is set up to test if half a dose prednisolone supplemented with active vitamin D is as efficient as full dose of prednisolone in obtaining remission; and hopefuly with reduced number of side effect. The relation of prednsiolon pharmokinetics and pharmodynamics to remission is tested.
Genetic work up is made to investigate pathophysiology, genotype-phenotype and response to treatment.
The response to prednisolone in many glomerular diseases may depend on the glucocorticoid receptor in the podocyte.  This is semiquantified in a retrospective study of minimal change disease to describe dose response relationship.

Besides leading ADAPT, Aarhus is partner in a national epidemiologic study on renal vasculitis in Denmark and in the international multicenter studies.


Main collaborators

Department of Pathology, Aarhus University Hospital

Ongoing studies: