We have different wards and clinics, in-house as well in the community nearby. Regarding management and leadership we prioritize interdisciplinary teamwork between doctors, nurses, midwives and secretaries.

Be free to contact us about our way of organizing and collaborating. 

Heads of department

Photo Jannie Dalby Salvig

  Head Consultant, PhD

  Jannie Dalby Salvig 

  Phone: +45 7845 3300
  Mobile: +45 2461 3389

  E-mail: jansal@rm.dk

Photo Department Midwife Joan Lindholdt Dürr  Department Midwife 

  Joan Lindholdt Dürr

  Phone: +45 7845 3600
  Mobile: +45 2479 2453

  E-mail: joadur@rm.dk

Revised: 28 March 2019